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But my personal entries are friends only ;D.

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lol I really am like a 10 year old xD!!
I found this quiz in my attempt to go from 2008 to present in the eito community xD
Your best K8 match is: Yokoyama Yuu!
Your best K8 match is: Yokoyama Yuu!
Take Which Kanjani8 member are you most compatible with? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator. 

Congratulations, your K8 love match is ultimate fanboy and funny guy Yoko Yuu!

He likes to talk alot, never misses an opportunity to make a wise crack, and fanboys everything from shounen manga and video games to his fellow J-idols and Jack Bauer. While he might be a big kid at heart, he's still the kind of guy you can rely on when you need to. A free spirit like Yoko doesn't want to be held down or confined by a girl and though sometimes he can seem too carefree, deep down he's a serious and dependable guy. Though he is proud, he can be very self conscious sometimes and you'll need to know when he's being serious about something or just putting on a tough front to hide his worries and doubts. Beneath the often rowdy and hotheaded exterior there is a soft hearted sweet guy. It just depends on if you're willing to deal with all the other stuff to get to that soft warm center. Though Yoko is shy around girls, once he gets used to you and grows to truly adore and trust you, he will support and stick by you through anything. Though dating Yoko might sometimes be tumultuous, just remember there's no dispute that a game of janken can't solve! (especially those relating to food)

I didn't answer trying to get Yoko either ! I really didn't.

the #wondefulworld twitter spam was fun xD, even though it was at  7am....
#andthenyoudie WILL trend someday, poor guy <3
This is the first translation I've done in over a year, I worked really hard on this, and I know there are translation mistakes, but I did my best~!
I love this song so much, I just felt like I need to take a stab at translating it myself.
(i'm in a translating mood, so i'm sure there is more to come, I feel like some kj8 now)

"Moshimo, Kono Sekai Kara OO  ga Nakunattara"

What if ____ disappeared from the world )
so I just want to say that i'm head over heels in love with Massu!!
Seriously, i'm in love *_____________*
with everything about him <3333
I now have 2 sunshines
Aiba's smile and Massu's smile could brighten up any day

I'd like to know whats going on in the back ground there? whattheheck?
my little shrine )
ANYWAYS, enough of this
hopefully i'll be back to the world of flailng! and fangirling!
*also omg kj8 countdown con* is LOVE <333
really amateur, first translation (I have so much respect for you translators out there!)
And why did I choose a really hard song???  I couldn't keep straight who was doing what x=x. Of course this is neen's song after all (the little brat ♥). But I adore this song, it makes me melt everytime I hear it. It's so precious. (it was the song that made Nino my  ichiban at first)!

This is just for fun, I can't take ENTIRE credit for the translations . Because I did get some assitance from [personal profile] choco_disco . But I really worked hard on this one

every time you sulk,
you hide the things that are most important to me
that place is always the same
so today, i'll go there first and wait

the seasons bring the evening sun

the shadows find and stretch out over me

you gaze at me with a surprised face
suddenly you pout and look away
when I say "I'm sorry "
you say "come over here"
See over there
look look
our shadows are overlapping...

our umbrellas collide causing me to not walk straight
 you look at me while smiling*

I'll show you that I can do the same thing
I pout in a similar way

Your gentle smile
this time ,  this place
they are so important to me
that I could begin to cry

You're pouting on purpose
and without saying sorry you kissed me gently

from now on
it's fine to say selfish things
but say them only to me

You say its tiring **
you're not being honest
why aren't you able to say it?
I love you
it's just these three words
I want to hear it every once in a while
today is the day you and I combined our last names
the day our love bloomed

la... la... la...

The rainbow is beautiful
no you are more beautiful
You began to look embarrassed
thank you, thank you

*(laughing) ?
**I thought bothersome might work aswell...
its so hard trying to bring over the meaning correctly and also make it sound good (poetic, I mean this is a song o.o)

*I based this off of romaji and kanji from

so I've been messing with photoshop (since I just got it) super exciting I know!

so here are some simple wallpapers and icons

They are unfortunately in one size xD. Because sizing is hard haha.
Onto the wallpapers! )[x] Credit:
Kikinini @ Vox (Josei Jishin )
arashinino@vox (june winkup)
[profile] lady_mercury  (april potato)
[ profile] stolenfayth 

[x] Lyrics:
Taccho (taken from aibakaland)- La Tormenta 2004

comments are love and credit is appreciated :D

lol this is like the first time i've ever watched a live tv show xD.
I had to, it's aiba afterall (I can't believe that I Was home by chance to see it though lol)

highlight of the show
Aiba's amazing )

This is really going to be long!(actually 11 pages long in Word)


holy fuiadloiiiidvbgv

I wan tickets on Ningin! TO SEE YATTERMAN! I'm on the like VIP, I have a "guaranteed" ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was like screaming and jumping earlier, I just can't believe it! I've never won anything like this before ;_________;

there will be a group photo for ningin before the movie aswell!

SO I'm leaving in a couple hours!

As soon as I get home on Saturday there will be a FULL repo
so there were many updates today regarding Sho's appearance at NYCC! GOOD NEWS



Feb. 3rd, 2009 01:42 am

woo! I finished my uchiwas!
I've seriously been working on these forever.

traced the Arashi symbol from the Comp screen, traced again with pencil, then with marker... then painted them... and then repeat the same steps again for the 2nd one 0.0!

I'm really happy with them though!

okay so, my first Uchiwa!

under the cut~~~ )
lol the glue is still drying so it looks a little funny XD.  But I was really excited so I had to take pictures~

4 days!

Feb. 2nd, 2009 11:46 am

I"m getting so nervous!

But I just wanted to post an entry regarding this whole event.

As we know there is only a limited number of tickets available at the nikkatsu booth, and a possibility that some of us might not get them (including myself)

so I think as Arashi5Rabu @ vox brought out we need to stick together as a collective Arashi fan base and not turn this thing into a rat race. Be poor losers if in fact we can't get in . Granted that'll be tough. We're all there wanting to see Sho and see "Yatterman". ALL of us, we have the same feelings as each other ne.

so with that in mind, lets turn this into an awesome fan gathering! We'll be breathing the same as as Sho, in the SAME building!

Let's all hope we can get in and that Sho will be doing the panel and signing!

(1st uchi wa done! *taking pics later*)
and I'm working on my second one.
Thanks to xoarashi88ox  @ vox for helping me out with the translation. I'm making it say "Happy 10th anniversary"!

so many things to do before thursday~
3 days till I leave o.o!

and so far this aweful storm that was supposed to dump like 3 feet of snow, doesn't look like it's going to happen afterall! *is optimistic*

Ny, Ny
Partly cloudy with a high of 37~

It's going to be much colder here, but thankfully the weather will be pretty good!

icon post!

Jan. 30th, 2009 03:04 am
[6] Aiba: "Look At Star"
[5] Uta no onii ep 2
[1] March Popolo
[1] TV LIFE 1.24.2009

Finally have GIMP back!
The "look at star" photoshoot was just to beautiful to pass up! *___*
Comments are L.O.V.E.!

Comment and Credit when taking :D

Scans: Kikinini @ VOX
Screen caps: Arashikhim @vox and Arashinino @ vox

More info!

Jan. 28th, 2009 11:02 am

So more info!
according to
"FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6 @ 4pm - Takashi Miike will present a special panel on YATTERMAN and the mysteries of universe at the IGN Theater in the Jacob Javits Convention Center during ComiCon. Star Sho Sakurai will most likely make an appearance at the panel, but we’re just not sure. They will answer questions, show an exclusive clip from the movie and blow your minds. Free for all ComicCon attendees."


"Unfortunately, the producers have asked that we cancel the Saturday night screening at the IGN theate"

So this is good news! And according to emails to various people, Sho is confirmed, he WILL be in the building of Comic Con and its STILL a possibility that he'll be at BOTH the panel and signing.
Though still not confirmed.
This is Johnny's though~ But I'm sure the people over at NYCC are working VERY hard to get Sho-kun at all events!

Lets keep our hopes up!

Also there are quite a number of people over at Aibakaland going, I"m super super excited to meet everyone and total fangirl!

As of yet I'm still planning on being outside of the Con at 8am.

And I'm making banners and things today!
One is going to be for Arashi/Sho and the other (which is Red) will be for Yatterman I think !

Forcast for February 5 in NY

Feb 05
High 32°F
Low 24°F
February 6th
Feb 06
Mostly Cloudy
High 34°F
Low 25°F
Precip 10 %

Looking good!
I was honestly thinking it would be like the coldest day of the year (it would figure as much) but nope! Good traveling weather and good weather for standing out side in the freezing cold!

OH lol Uta no Onii ep 2 was hilarious, homg I love it!
rofl XD. Captain is so awesome!
Bread Shop ♥ )

So more info from

At first when this all happened I was really sad.
But now, I'm still SUPER excited!
I can't wait, seriously.
It's going to be so much fun , an Arashi east coast gathering? OH YES.
It'll be great to dork out and fangirl with everyone.
PLUS there's still a possibility that everything is still going to happen.

I can't wait!
13 days! (er.. almost XD)


Jan. 22nd, 2009 01:17 pm


says something a little different ;-;

"Takashi Miike will be at NYCC to speak about Yatterman at 4 PM on Friday"

but it said yesterday

"Takashi Miike and Sho Sakurai will be at NYCC to speak about Yatterman at 4 PM "

the same with the autographs it just says Takashi Miike...

"Takashi Miike will also be signing autographs at the Nikkatsu Booth "

"Both Miike and Sakurai will also be signing autographs at the Nikkatsu Booth "

lets hope for the best ;-;. They could just be trying to make it look like Sho won't being doing that, but who knows what Johnny's has said

again, he's still talked about there as being the special guest and will appear. but ;-;. I guess I won't jump to any conclusions o.o
He's still as a special guest on the NYCC page and in the article is still mentioned as being there.

but I'm kind of sad, gotta say.

again, let's hope for the best~

(as a side note, the theater that will have the world premier of Yatterman
holds  436 people (there will be press)
so lets just stick together girls :D
I love ohno omigoodness~

The subs for the first ep of Uta no Onii are released!~

I need to down-down-download the RAW and then I can watch it!!

I love Ohno's solo too

no way, 0.0...
Why is NY 5 hours away? and Why don't I have a car to get  there??? ;____________; makes me very sad, but leapin' leprechauns batman, He'll only be 5 hours from ME!
(rumor: but here are the links)

I also can't stop listening to "Believe" (thanks to [ profile] shaneen for the HQ version)
The chorus is so catchy! It's so danceable~! And Aiba's voice sounds great ♥♥♥

lol I made a snow fort yesterday 0.0! We have SO MUCH SNOW. It's going to be an epic fort once its done.
SNOW~~ )

Recently I have been watching D/GnA :D. Oh how I love it!!

(it's hard to remember all the eps xD).

Screen caps Yatta~ )
I also spent the last 2 days watching Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu
It was really really good. A very touching/romantic story~ With a twist!
I love hiroki though <3

I'll write about it, once I have time to think over the ending ♥

(oh and I love [ profile] taijiprojectsub for all of her work in subbing my beloved ___ Arashi shows!

AND how could I forget!
Ohno's new drama~```!
quite possibly the best thing i've seen in a LONG TIME! )


Dec. 1st, 2008 06:00 pm
I've been messing around with gimp, and this is what ensued~
Since I'm still very new at this, i'm not sure what they can be used for... I just don't know what size to make things lol.
aiba month.... an exuse to make ALL aiba graphics. )
Supia and Shanghaigirl for the scans
hawksmont @DA for the star brush

Feedback is love ♥

you can save them if you want ^_^.
But please credit me ;D
I thought I'd share the cake my sister and I made for my graduation party~
yummmm )



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