Jul. 5th, 2010

lol I really am like a 10 year old xD!!
I found this quiz in my attempt to go from 2008 to present in the eito community xD
Your best K8 match is: Yokoyama Yuu!
Your best K8 match is: Yokoyama Yuu!
Take Which Kanjani8 member are you most compatible with? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator. 

Congratulations, your K8 love match is ultimate fanboy and funny guy Yoko Yuu!

He likes to talk alot, never misses an opportunity to make a wise crack, and fanboys everything from shounen manga and video games to his fellow J-idols and Jack Bauer. While he might be a big kid at heart, he's still the kind of guy you can rely on when you need to. A free spirit like Yoko doesn't want to be held down or confined by a girl and though sometimes he can seem too carefree, deep down he's a serious and dependable guy. Though he is proud, he can be very self conscious sometimes and you'll need to know when he's being serious about something or just putting on a tough front to hide his worries and doubts. Beneath the often rowdy and hotheaded exterior there is a soft hearted sweet guy. It just depends on if you're willing to deal with all the other stuff to get to that soft warm center. Though Yoko is shy around girls, once he gets used to you and grows to truly adore and trust you, he will support and stick by you through anything. Though dating Yoko might sometimes be tumultuous, just remember there's no dispute that a game of janken can't solve! (especially those relating to food)

I didn't answer trying to get Yoko either ! I really didn't.

the #wondefulworld twitter spam was fun xD, even though it was at  7am....
#andthenyoudie WILL trend someday, poor guy <3



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