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so I just want to say that i'm head over heels in love with Massu!!
Seriously, i'm in love *_____________*
with everything about him <3333
I now have 2 sunshines
Aiba's smile and Massu's smile could brighten up any day

I'd like to know whats going on in the back ground there? whattheheck?

I bought this double sided,, thing , that apparently you write lettters on? In this unofficial shop in Kyoto xDD, AND the old lady gave me a 50 yen discount xDDDDDD LOL, I was like ... uhoh I'll buy this xD.
I was there looking and all the aiba things and she hobbles over to me (this white girl) and is like "ehhh aiba-kun ehhhh? *gets out all kinds of things*" and then this guy got out all kinds of things too... I kind of wish I would have bought ALOT more, I definitely regret only buying that there ;((

I have a stand with all my magazines and my arashi calendar too xD. My friends dad bought me a magazine with arashi on it xD he was so cute xDD He knew I loved them haha <3

ALSO so last night I pre-ordered the new Tegomass album.... yes the LE.. cause I want the booklet! I need more massu love in my room!
All I can say is the boys got mad style! *I think I have a pattern with all the guys I love* XD

*melts into a puddle of goo *_____________________*

lastly, I dyed my hair~ its a bit lighter, i'm trying to go back to my natural color...

ANYWAYS, enough of this
hopefully i'll be back to the world of flailng! and fangirling!
*also omg kj8 countdown con* is LOVE <333
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