Recently I have been watching D/GnA :D. Oh how I love it!!

(it's hard to remember all the eps xD).

Screen caps Yatta~ )
I also spent the last 2 days watching Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu
It was really really good. A very touching/romantic story~ With a twist!
I love hiroki though <3

I'll write about it, once I have time to think over the ending ♥

(oh and I love [ profile] taijiprojectsub for all of her work in subbing my beloved ___ Arashi shows!

AND how could I forget!
Ohno's new drama~```!
quite possibly the best thing i've seen in a LONG TIME! )

so I"m a little worried about traveling on tuesday. I was sick all last week, i'm feeling better now... But my ears are a little stuffy... so... I seriously don't want a burst ear drum... no no no... well I still have tomorrow and monday to be better. I'm going to the doctors on monday just in case I need an antibiotic or something.

On an other note. I probably won't have much access to the internet for about 2 weeks. I might, but who knows.
so when I get back i'll have MUCH catching ups to do.

I wouldn't mind finding a couple messages here and there from people *psst kelsey, I want little notes filled with LOVE!*

on another note. I've been downloading arashi vids like crazy. and I'm putting some on my psp for traveling amusement.

here are a couple caps from GnA ep 20 (A no Arashi!!)
aiba hitting an ostrich egg off his head <3 (it made the funniest noise)

and super cute aiba and riida agreeing on whether the egg would be hard boiled cause of the fire crackers XDD

so hopefully I don't become deaf on the plane TT~TT



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