so I"m a little worried about traveling on tuesday. I was sick all last week, i'm feeling better now... But my ears are a little stuffy... so... I seriously don't want a burst ear drum... no no no... well I still have tomorrow and monday to be better. I'm going to the doctors on monday just in case I need an antibiotic or something.

On an other note. I probably won't have much access to the internet for about 2 weeks. I might, but who knows.
so when I get back i'll have MUCH catching ups to do.

I wouldn't mind finding a couple messages here and there from people *psst kelsey, I want little notes filled with LOVE!*

on another note. I've been downloading arashi vids like crazy. and I'm putting some on my psp for traveling amusement.

here are a couple caps from GnA ep 20 (A no Arashi!!)
aiba hitting an ostrich egg off his head <3 (it made the funniest noise)

and super cute aiba and riida agreeing on whether the egg would be hard boiled cause of the fire crackers XDD

so hopefully I don't become deaf on the plane TT~TT

I made new ones~ yaaay
(I ended up making icons, even though I don't feel better TT~TT)


credit to the bases goes to lovely [ profile] angelyrique.
comments are awesome as always!
So I'm really sick today, I feel horrible TT~TT. I've been asleep for more than like %80 of the day D:.

So I thought, Arashi can help cheer me up~

I L.O.V.E Jun's new hair cut (from Shukudai-kun #104)

(screen caps from Tenjostyle @ VOX ).

I also found a place where I can download textures for my icon making adventures. So I'm very excited. When I"m feeling a little better maybe I'll make some :DD. and maybe another header for my LJ.
I made 5 new icons :D
Jun (for you matsujunki~!)

Comments are L.O.V.E

Feel free to take, just credit :D

I likey

Oct. 3rd, 2008 11:00 pm
As an edit to my last post. I like how my profile turned out :DD.

lol because I'm dumb, it took me forever to figure out that the width of my header had to be 800 xDD (i've very smart you know).

Now I'm off to make some icons :DD
I know my page looks horrible, I'm trying to figure out how to make it so that it doesn't stretch the page... hmm... 'cause I really like the colors TT~TT
*makes not to self: make a pretty-ful arashi header*
So I've been stalking my mail man lately, anxiously waiting for my AAA eco bag and aiba mini uchiwa. So as usual I go and check the mail, and what do you know!? My eco bag!! I screamed (really loud) and ran inside jumping around, I was beyond excited!
*huggles bag*.

And now I can't wait for my aiba mini uchiwa <333

neue Haar~

Sep. 27th, 2008 10:02 pm
homg I dyed my hair!! Hazelnut! It looks soooo good. pictures to come later!

Edit: Kels, help me.. is it neu or neue (for haar, since its das.) My guess is neu


Sep. 27th, 2008 02:01 pm
I think I'm getting the hang of this...
I made 10 more icons and one avi of Aiba (which I thought was just the most adorable picture ever ^-^~)

Here they are ^_^

(click for actual size)

Comments are much appreciated (feedback is also welcome...) :DD

oh and I'm very new at making icons (fanart) so please forgive me if I don't credit correctly.. I'm really sorry if I don't do it right. (I'll get it right some day lol).
Credits to scans/brushes go to whom they belong, I did not scan pics, or make brushes.
I'm really liking making icons~
here are a couple I made of Jun @w@

(I LOVE the chu one ♥)

and only 2 of Sho (more to come)

I'm not sure which one I like better, the one that says "Yume" or the one without :D

Comment onegai m(_ _)m

more icons

Sep. 25th, 2008 05:22 pm
Expect by me this time ^_^

Aiba gets no love~ Here a couple for him


Yay More to come later on. (*First time making icons*)

comments mean the world <3


Sep. 25th, 2008 02:55 pm
woo now we can make beautiful icons now~

we made awesome icons and a banner for my VOX.

I think I shall try my hands at making these lovely creations
These are our creations :D


She did make them, but I sat and supervised them~!

And this is my vox banner and avi ^.^ (click for actual size)


so pretty @=@~ and yes beth made them, but of course I helped ^_^

mo posts~

Sep. 24th, 2008 09:27 pm
Still haven't progressed much in my adventures in making my page pimpified. But I do have a VOX now ( Again so that I'm not this weird creeper that goes and steels things xD. Now I can take, and leave a danke schön for their hard work m(_ _)m.

I cannot wait for Ryusei no Kizuna~


I mean look at them (so cute!~)

"Ninomiya, Nishikido, and Toda play three siblings whose parents were murdered when they were children. After being deceived later on in life, they bonded together as a team of swindlers, stealing money from the rich. One day, they find a man whom they believe is their parents' killer, and they start planning to take their revenge.

Ninomiya is taking the lead as the oldest sibling, Koichi. Nishikido plays the younger brother Taisuke, while Toda plays the sister Shizuna. Tomokazu Miura has also been announced as a cast member. ~credit to"

I'll definitely be writing all about each and every ep as I get my greedy little hands upon them!

.... I should have made an LJ while I was watching Maou (♥♥♥). Maybe I'll make a post with all of my thoughts I posted on CR...perhaps.

Even Ohno and Jun are excited!~

hello there~! Oh yes I'm talking to you! First entry *celebrates*. I really need to work on pimping this thing out (sidenote: I can't write pimping... I keep writing pimpkin.... makes no sense). 'Neways. This shall be a journal of my fangirl-ing escapades! Oh yes. Not just any old fangirl. But of an overly obsessed Arashi fangirl.
Now to work on making awesomeness for my page TT~TT (I don't have the right programs to do this huuhuu). I might enlist another Arashian to help me.



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