really amateur, first translation (I have so much respect for you translators out there!)
And why did I choose a really hard song???  I couldn't keep straight who was doing what x=x. Of course this is neen's song after all (the little brat ♥). But I adore this song, it makes me melt everytime I hear it. It's so precious. (it was the song that made Nino my  ichiban at first)!

This is just for fun, I can't take ENTIRE credit for the translations . Because I did get some assitance from [personal profile] choco_disco . But I really worked hard on this one

every time you sulk,
you hide the things that are most important to me
that place is always the same
so today, i'll go there first and wait

the seasons bring the evening sun

the shadows find and stretch out over me

you gaze at me with a surprised face
suddenly you pout and look away
when I say "I'm sorry "
you say "come over here"
See over there
look look
our shadows are overlapping...

our umbrellas collide causing me to not walk straight
 you look at me while smiling*

I'll show you that I can do the same thing
I pout in a similar way

Your gentle smile
this time ,  this place
they are so important to me
that I could begin to cry

You're pouting on purpose
and without saying sorry you kissed me gently

from now on
it's fine to say selfish things
but say them only to me

You say its tiring **
you're not being honest
why aren't you able to say it?
I love you
it's just these three words
I want to hear it every once in a while
today is the day you and I combined our last names
the day our love bloomed

la... la... la...

The rainbow is beautiful
no you are more beautiful
You began to look embarrassed
thank you, thank you

*(laughing) ?
**I thought bothersome might work aswell...
its so hard trying to bring over the meaning correctly and also make it sound good (poetic, I mean this is a song o.o)

*I based this off of romaji and kanji from



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