2009-04-03 12:37 pm
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lol this is like the first time i've ever watched a live tv show xD.
I had to, it's aiba afterall (I can't believe that I Was home by chance to see it though lol)

highlight of the show
Aiba's amazing )

2009-02-07 09:43 am

NYCC report! pt1

This is really going to be long!(actually 11 pages long in Word)

2009-02-05 06:00 pm
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of all that is amazing and good and Shotasic!@_@

holy fuiadloiiiidvbgv

I wan tickets on Ningin! TO SEE YATTERMAN! I'm on the like VIP, I have a "guaranteed" ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was like screaming and jumping earlier, I just can't believe it! I've never won anything like this before ;_________;

there will be a group photo for ningin before the movie aswell!

SO I'm leaving in a couple hours!

As soon as I get home on Saturday there will be a FULL repo
2009-02-03 06:14 pm

another update!

so there were many updates today regarding Sho's appearance at NYCC! GOOD NEWS

2009-02-03 01:42 am
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woo! I finished my uchiwas!
I've seriously been working on these forever.

traced the Arashi symbol from the Comp screen, traced again with pencil, then with marker... then painted them... and then repeat the same steps again for the 2nd one 0.0!

I'm really happy with them though!

okay so, my first Uchiwa!

under the cut~~~ )
lol the glue is still drying so it looks a little funny XD.  But I was really excited so I had to take pictures~
2009-02-02 11:46 am

4 days!

I"m getting so nervous!

But I just wanted to post an entry regarding this whole event.

As we know there is only a limited number of tickets available at the nikkatsu booth, and a possibility that some of us might not get them (including myself)

so I think as Arashi5Rabu @ vox brought out we need to stick together as a collective Arashi fan base and not turn this thing into a rat race. Be poor losers if in fact we can't get in . Granted that'll be tough. We're all there wanting to see Sho and see "Yatterman". ALL of us, we have the same feelings as each other ne.

so with that in mind, lets turn this into an awesome fan gathering! We'll be breathing the same as as Sho, in the SAME building!

Let's all hope we can get in and that Sho will be doing the panel and signing!

(1st uchi wa done! *taking pics later*)
and I'm working on my second one.
Thanks to xoarashi88ox  @ vox for helping me out with the translation. I'm making it say "Happy 10th anniversary"!

so many things to do before thursday~
3 days till I leave o.o!

and so far this aweful storm that was supposed to dump like 3 feet of snow, doesn't look like it's going to happen afterall! *is optimistic*

Ny, Ny
Partly cloudy with a high of 37~

It's going to be much colder here, but thankfully the weather will be pretty good!

2009-01-30 03:04 am
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icon post!

[6] Aiba: "Look At Star"
[5] Uta no onii ep 2
[1] March Popolo
[1] TV LIFE 1.24.2009

Finally have GIMP back!
The "look at star" photoshoot was just to beautiful to pass up! *___*
Comments are L.O.V.E.!

Comment and Credit when taking :D

Scans: Kikinini @ VOX
Screen caps: Arashikhim @vox and Arashinino @ vox

2009-01-28 11:02 am
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More info!

So more info!
according to http://subwaycinemanews.com/
"FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6 @ 4pm - Takashi Miike will present a special panel on YATTERMAN and the mysteries of universe at the IGN Theater in the Jacob Javits Convention Center during ComiCon. Star Sho Sakurai will most likely make an appearance at the panel, but we’re just not sure. They will answer questions, show an exclusive clip from the movie and blow your minds. Free for all ComicCon attendees."


"Unfortunately, the producers have asked that we cancel the Saturday night screening at the IGN theate"

So this is good news! And according to emails to various people, Sho is confirmed, he WILL be in the building of Comic Con and its STILL a possibility that he'll be at BOTH the panel and signing.
Though still not confirmed.
This is Johnny's though~ But I'm sure the people over at NYCC are working VERY hard to get Sho-kun at all events!

Lets keep our hopes up!

Also there are quite a number of people over at Aibakaland going, I"m super super excited to meet everyone and total fangirl!

As of yet I'm still planning on being outside of the Con at 8am.

And I'm making banners and things today!
One is going to be for Arashi/Sho and the other (which is Red) will be for Yatterman I think !

Forcast for February 5 in NY

Feb 05
High 32°F
Low 24°F
February 6th
Feb 06
Mostly Cloudy
High 34°F
Low 25°F
Precip 10 %

Looking good!
I was honestly thinking it would be like the coldest day of the year (it would figure as much) but nope! Good traveling weather and good weather for standing out side in the freezing cold!

OH lol Uta no Onii ep 2 was hilarious, homg I love it!
2009-01-23 09:33 pm
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(no subject)

rofl XD. Captain is so awesome!
Bread Shop ♥ )

So more info from www.mediumatlarge.net/2009/01/takashi-miike-sho-sakurai-and-yatterman.html

At first when this all happened I was really sad.
But now, I'm still SUPER excited!
I can't wait, seriously.
It's going to be so much fun , an Arashi east coast gathering? OH YES.
It'll be great to dork out and fangirl with everyone.
PLUS there's still a possibility that everything is still going to happen.

I can't wait!
13 days! (er.. almost XD)

2009-01-19 07:43 pm
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"It's a Brand New World"

I love ohno omigoodness~

The subs for the first ep of Uta no Onii are released!~

I need to down-down-download the RAW and then I can watch it!!

I love Ohno's solo too

no way, 0.0...
Why is NY 5 hours away? and Why don't I have a car to get  there??? ;____________; makes me very sad, but leapin' leprechauns batman, He'll only be 5 hours from ME!
(rumor: but here are the links)

I also can't stop listening to "Believe" (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] shaneen for the HQ version)
The chorus is so catchy! It's so danceable~! And Aiba's voice sounds great ♥♥♥

lol I made a snow fort yesterday 0.0! We have SO MUCH SNOW. It's going to be an epic fort once its done.
SNOW~~ )
2008-12-07 06:25 pm
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(no subject)

Recently I have been watching D/GnA :D. Oh how I love it!!

(it's hard to remember all the eps xD).

Screen caps Yatta~ )
I also spent the last 2 days watching Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu
It was really really good. A very touching/romantic story~ With a twist!
I love hiroki though <3

I'll write about it, once I have time to think over the ending ♥

(oh and I love [livejournal.com profile] taijiprojectsub for all of her work in subbing my beloved ___ Arashi shows!

AND how could I forget!
Ohno's new drama~```!
quite possibly the best thing i've seen in a LONG TIME! )

2008-12-01 06:00 pm
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I've been messing around with gimp, and this is what ensued~
Since I'm still very new at this, i'm not sure what they can be used for... I just don't know what size to make things lol.
aiba month.... an exuse to make ALL aiba graphics. )
Supia and Shanghaigirl for the scans
hawksmont @DA for the star brush

Feedback is love ♥

you can save them if you want ^_^.
But please credit me ;D
2008-10-12 12:37 am
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a little worried

so I"m a little worried about traveling on tuesday. I was sick all last week, i'm feeling better now... But my ears are a little stuffy... so... I seriously don't want a burst ear drum... no no no... well I still have tomorrow and monday to be better. I'm going to the doctors on monday just in case I need an antibiotic or something.

On an other note. I probably won't have much access to the internet for about 2 weeks. I might, but who knows.
so when I get back i'll have MUCH catching ups to do.

I wouldn't mind finding a couple messages here and there from people *psst kelsey, I want little notes filled with LOVE!*

on another note. I've been downloading arashi vids like crazy. and I'm putting some on my psp for traveling amusement.

here are a couple caps from GnA ep 20 (A no Arashi!!)
aiba hitting an ostrich egg off his head <3 (it made the funniest noise)

and super cute aiba and riida agreeing on whether the egg would be hard boiled cause of the fire crackers XDD

so hopefully I don't become deaf on the plane TT~TT

2008-10-06 08:50 pm
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(no subject)

So I'm really sick today, I feel horrible TT~TT. I've been asleep for more than like %80 of the day D:.

So I thought, Arashi can help cheer me up~

I L.O.V.E Jun's new hair cut (from Shukudai-kun #104)

(screen caps from Tenjostyle @ VOX ).

I also found a place where I can download textures for my icon making adventures. So I'm very excited. When I"m feeling a little better maybe I'll make some :DD. and maybe another header for my LJ.
2008-10-04 02:33 pm
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Arashi icons x5

I made 5 new icons :D
Jun (for you matsujunki~!)

Comments are L.O.V.E

Feel free to take, just credit :D
2008-10-03 11:00 pm
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I likey

As an edit to my last post. I like how my profile turned out :DD.

lol because I'm dumb, it took me forever to figure out that the width of my header had to be 800 xDD (i've very smart you know).

Now I'm off to make some icons :DD
2008-10-01 08:33 pm

*leaps for joy*

So I've been stalking my mail man lately, anxiously waiting for my AAA eco bag and aiba mini uchiwa. So as usual I go and check the mail, and what do you know!? My eco bag!! I screamed (really loud) and ran inside jumping around, I was beyond excited!
*huggles bag*.

And now I can't wait for my aiba mini uchiwa <333
2008-09-27 02:01 pm


I think I'm getting the hang of this...
I made 10 more icons and one avi of Aiba (which I thought was just the most adorable picture ever ^-^~)

Here they are ^_^

(click for actual size)

Comments are much appreciated (feedback is also welcome...) :DD

2008-09-25 02:55 pm


woo now we can make beautiful icons now~

we made awesome icons and a banner for my VOX.

I think I shall try my hands at making these lovely creations
These are our creations :D


She did make them, but I sat and supervised them~!

And this is my vox banner and avi ^.^ (click for actual size)


so pretty @=@~ and yes beth made them, but of course I helped ^_^